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What other owners say about us

I engaged SeaNRent to manage our luxury property on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv after a beauty contest with two other candidate managers. I chose SNR based on their marketing skills, particularly their software managing across multiple online agency portals, and after meeting the SNR team responsible for guest interface & hands-on problem solving. SNR’s price (although clearly competitive) was less important to me than being sure they can effectively manage & market the property. I also have experience in choosing managers for our family properties in London and elsewhere and I would say that SNR is a match for any of the major London property managers.


We have as home owners in Israel been involved with Sea N' Rent for close to 2 years. It is a pleasure to work with this company. Everyone in SeaNRent is fluent in English and always problem solving oriented. Also very pleasant and understanding. Furthermore SeaNRent behaves as an honest broker between the parties involved. We are looking forward to a prolonged working relationship with Sea N' Rent.


I came across Sea N' Rent based on a recommendation I received from a company I trust very much. I wasn't aware of Sea N' Rent before but I'm very happy to be introduced to them because their service is excellent.

Einat Sarouf
Tel Aviv

I have entrusted the management of my Tel Aviv apartment in Tel Aviv to Sea N' Rent for a few years, and I can say that I am perfectly satisfied with it. They are real management professionals. The whole team is at the service of the client, attentive and friendly.


It is a pleasure working with the Sea N' Rent team. From the beginning of our cooperation, we felt the engagement with Sea N'Rent team to be very productive, Our Tel aviv apartment was newly renovated , they helped with all necessary arrangements and preparations, readying the apartment to receive guests. Later on, no matter how big or small an issue we have, the response is always instantaneous, with issues resolved and taken care of. The team assigned to our property is with a proactive approach and “don’t worry, we are here to serve” attitude. The most important aspect for us is that we do not need to manage the property and the guests, it is being taken care of!


We warmly recommend the company Sea N' Rent. Our partnership with Sea N' Rent apartments goes years back, and we have recommended Sea N' Rent apartments to multiple landlords since, as a result of our fruitful engagement. Over the years, the company has grown substantially and is currently servicing multiple assets. This has in no way affected the level of service and the high-quality treatment of our Tel Aviv apartment. All our inquiries are answered willingly and positively, with full cooperation and goodwill. Particularly noticeable is the fact that many guests return to the apartment again and again, which indicates their satisfaction with the service they receive. Thank you very much.

Deganit and Hezi
Ramot Hashavim

Feel confident, have peace of mind
and receive a steady monthly income

You've probably thought about renting your apartment out for either short or long term rentals before and you're undecided about using a management company because you think you can earn more because you're avoiding management fees. This is simply not true. As a property management company, we have people lined up to stay in your apartment. Increased demand means higher prices and often higher quality guests. Not only do we get you a better rate, but your home goes to someone who will respect it.

Perhaps you already know of Sea N' Rent and the great service we offer. But perhaps you don't and you're worried about who exactly you're getting into business with. We're confident from the initial meeting with us from how we handle every detail and introduce ourselves to you, your mind will be put at ease and we will begin a trusting working and professional relationship together.

Maybe you've thought about working with a property management company but were worried about inconsistent income throughout the year. We have the historical data that proves beyond doubt that with us, your potential to earn more overall throughout the year is significantly increased. At the end of each year, this is what the numbers tell us.

It could be that your apartment is more than just a materialistic investment. It's a place you care about and you want to know that it is kept in great condition from the moment you hand us over the keys. We've got a terrific maintenance team and cleaning team, which visit the apartment on a routine basis. As issues arise they are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. This means your apartment always stays in peak condition.

You may be concerned about getting into business with us because you don't want to commit to a long term agreement. Our contract is a rolling monthly contract. This means that as long as the reservations in place are honored you are free to give one month's notice to exit the contract. This is a benefit you won't get with many property management companies, but we believe in being flexible with the people who choose to work with us.

Work with us and earn more than doing it by yourself. Enjoy the benefits of building a trusting, reliable, and professional working relationship together. Our maintenance and cleaning team will ensure that your apartment is kept in peak condition. Our contract is designed to be flexible for you. Ask us about our terms and I'm sure you'll agree.

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