Cancellation and Additional Charges Policy

Sea N' Rent allows guests to choose between three cancellation policies when booking an apartment

Standard Rate:

To secure a reservation there is a 30% non-refundable down payment

For a cancellation of more than 14 nights before check-in nothing more is charged.
Within the period of 14 nights before check-in a 50% charge is applied.
In the case of a No-show on check-in date a 100% charge is applied


No refund will be granted upon cancellation, regardless of the time of cancellation.

Please Note: Cleaning Fee will be refunded for any reservation cancellation, regardless of cancellation policy.


The entire reservation amount will be charged to your credit card or the payment option of your choice.
You may cancel the reservation up to 14 days before the check-in and receive a full refund.

Sea N' Rent also provides a variety of payment options

  • Credit card payments will incur a 3% fee
  • PayPal payments will incur a 4.5% fee
  • Bank Transfer will incur a fee of $15 USD
  • Cash payment will incur no additional fees

Security Deposit:

  • A security deposit will be outlined on your offer or directly on the website on the booking page for a specific amount.
  • This will be an amount held (blocked) on your credit card on the day of your check-in.
  • It will be released within 72 hours of your check-out.

Please Note: Due to the variety of payment methods, these fees have not been calculated as part of the website prices and will be added to the final rate.

Force Majeure

In the case of extenuating circumstances that are the result of a disruption that is beyond the control of the guest to the point where an entire majority of the national or global population is disrupted our force majeure policy will come into effect.

This policy allows the guest to claim the value that we (Sea N' Rent Ltd.) received for the reservation in the form of a voucher. This voucher will be valid for two years from the date of issue.